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These 3 factors affect tutoring

Tutoring is a challenging job. It comes with significant
responsibilities and requires enormous patience. A tutor is responsible for
shaping his student’s career, motivate him and build his confidence. But, just
like any other profession, there are several factors that affect tutoring. The
three prime factors are:





Tutors align their sessions with the classroom ones. Just like
parents, they monitor the student every day and keep track of his progress on a
daily or weekly basis. This helps the tutor understand how much the student can
grab and recollect.

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Teachers who respect their student's tutors play a vital role in
determining their success. They share the syllabus, review students strength
and weakness with the tutor and build channels for frequent communication with
them. This leads to the kid's holistic development and makes it easier for the
tutor to tailor the syllabus.


Parents do not relax even if you have a visiting tutor. Make sure
that you work with the tutor and help your child prepare for each session and,
by doing so, you will learn something new. Learning happens from tutor to
student, student to parent, and back. Ask your child to teach you whatever he
learned in school or tuition is a great way to build rapport with your kid and
increase understanding.

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Lastly, tutors or teachers never stop learning. They are lifelong
learners and try ways to improve! So, all the tutors out there - create
measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) and ask yourself:

  • How frequently are you
    checking in with teachers and parents?

  • How frequently are you
    setting and checking on goals with the student?

  • How do you measure your
    subject’s growth and progress?

Opportunities you can take advantage of:

Apart from building a network by meeting and talking to other
tutors, check out and trigger your professional development.


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